Highlights from Day One of the AFL-CIO Convention

Speaking at the AFL-CIO’s Diversity and Inclusion Pre-Conference, Petee Talley said:

I am honored to present the report on the AFL-CIO’s “All of Us or None of Us” Convention Pre-Conference held yesterday, where over 400 participants came to learn, share and be inspired.

Earlier this morning, faith leaders representing many denominations lifted up the universal teachings of love, tolerance and freedom.

There is no one in this room who doesn’t know we are in a moment of crisis—not just in our movement, but in too many of our communities.

We can either retreat to our individual corners or we can come together to develop a road map that leads to an Economy that Works for All of Us.

In preparing for this year’s pre-conference, [St. Louis] central labor council President Pat White and [Missouri] state federation President Mike Louis shared with us the relationships they’ve been cultivating with many of their community allies in Saint Louis.

They’ve been working together to build a better community where workers’ rights are protected, where voters are free to participate in a fair democracy, and where every job is a good job.

The theme of this convention is perfectly timed. We are about joining together in union. We are about fighting together, and we are about WINNING together.  

Read more about today’s convention:

We Are the American Labor Movement, and We Will Not Be Denied: “Brothers and sisters, St. Louis is a historical gateway to the American frontier, in many ways to the American Dream—many unionists trace their roots to St. Louis and the Show-Me State. It will be our entrance to a new vision of prosperity, not a cookie-cutter America dream of white picket fences, but a dream shaped by each of us, a dream in which no one gets left behind.”

Democracy Is Not Just Nice, but Necessary: “At the AFL-CIO Convention’s Global Labor Symposium, the last panel of the day proved to be the most exciting. The topic was Unions at the Forefront of Democracy. After an inspiring introduction by Victor Baez, who leads the Trade Union Confederation of Americas, the entire symposium went outside to join a rally led by Missouri state Rep. Bruce Franks Jr. to support Black Lives Matter.”

USA Hosts Community Fishing Day, Dedicates Willmore Park Piers: “Youth, veterans and seniors got to wet their lines at a fishing event at Willmore Park in St. Louis, Missouri, today, to celebrate the completion of two fishing piers restored by union volunteers. The event was hosted by the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance (USA) in conjunction with the AFL-CIO 28th Constitutional Convention.”

In Missouri, Together We Win: “We would like to welcome the AFL-CIO Convention to our beautiful city. A city built by the hands of the labor movement. The world-famous Gateway Arch was built with 100% union labor in the early 1960s. Busch Stadium, the home of the 11-time world champion St. Louis Cardinals, was built by union men and women. The convention center, where we bring union members from every corner of the United States, was built by our brothers and sisters. St. Louis was not only built by union hands, but was once the shoe capital of the world, with union-made shoes made at Brown Shoe Co. Our city also was home to McDonnell Douglas, where machinists sent men to space. Not to mention the birthplace of the Electrical Workers (IBEW) and the Bricklayers (BAC). St. Louis is a union town, which makes it the perfect place to host this year’s AFL-CIO Convention.”

Running for Office: Have You Ever Thought About It?: “I have spent the better part of the past decade asking elected leaders to vote the right way. Asking them to stand with us—as union workers, retirees, women, people of color and immigrants. I have done this by being in the streets, at rallies and protests, asking them to join us on the strike lines, and lobbying them in congressional offices, in our state legislature and in city halls.”

Highlights from the AFL-CIO 2017 Diversity Pre-Conference and the Global Labor Symposium: “As part of its quadrennial convention, the AFL-CIO is bringing together working families and activists to discuss diversity and inclusion and a separate meeting to discuss global labor issues. Here are some key tweets from the ‘All of Us or None of Us: Join, Fight and Win Together Pre-Conference’ and ‘Global Labor Symposium.'”

Using Government Procurement to Bring Good Jobs Back to the U.S.: “I am pleased to have the opportunity to share SMART’s work on Jobs to Move America and to talk about how we have used public procurement—or government purchasing—to re-shore good American manufacturing jobs.”

Brazil Undermines Labor Laws and Puts Women Workers at Great Risk: “Brazil’s comprehensive labor laws have long provided a strong institutional framework for unions to defend workers’ rights. Changes pushed through Congress this July by Brazil’s un-elected president and a Congress compromised by corruption charges have greatly undermined the labor laws and will drastically change the legal context in which Brazil’s unions work.”

These videos showed the breadth and diversity of the labor movement and were shown during the plenary session. Here’s what you missed:

Source: https://aflcio.org/2017/10/22/highlights-day-one-afl-cio-convention