Tyler Cowen’s Best Sentence

By Arnold Kling From his own review of Piketty. In this sense, Piketty is like a modern-day Ricardo, betting too much on the significance of one asset in the long run: namely, the kind of sophisticated equity capital that the wealthy happen to hold today. Cowen notes that Ricardo’s prediction that wealth would ultimately accrue […]

Debating stable and peaceful societies

By David Steven Today, the President of the UN General Assembly hosts a debate on ensuring stable and peaceful societies within the post-2015 development agenda. I am moderating tomorrow’s session that looks at the global partnership that would be needed if countries are to reduce violence, and tackle the instability that is a threat to […]

Clive Crook’s Best Sentence

By Arnold Kling It is not in the excerpt of Crook’s review of Piketty that Tyler Cowen blogged. Instead, my favorite sentence is this: It could also explain why the book has been greeted with such erotic intensity: It meets the need for a work of deep research and scholarly respectability which affirms that inequality, […]

To Know the Crow: Insights and Stories From a Quarter-Century of Crow Study [Video]

By victoria American Crows have followed us into our suburban and urban neighborhoods, becoming one of our most familiar birds. They have socially intricate lives, with more complex goals than converging at your local dumpster—in fact, socially, they are probably more like us than any primate. Ithaca is home to the longest running study of […]