Rhetorical Questions About Education, Grades 7-12

By Arnold Kling Responding to stories about police and student discipline, how hard it is to sit in class all day, and how many high-school graduates are unprepared for college. How much would somebody have to pay you to be a teacher in the middle school that you attended? How well do you think that […]

Ebola cases surpass 10,000 in West Africa

By Abayomi Azikiwe World Health Organization officials announced on Oct. 24 that the number of Ebola virus disease cases now exceeds 10,000. Most people have come down with the disease in three West African states: Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia, where approximately 4,900 people have died. On Oct. 23, Mali officials announced that one case […]

Jonathan Haidt on Political Bias in Sociology

By Arnold Kling He is quoted by Chris Mooney as saying, When the facts conflict with…sacred values, almost everyone finds a way to stick with their values and reject the evidence. On the left, including the academic left, the most sacred issues involve race and gender. So that’s where you find the most direct and […]

New taxes or not, Pennsylvania’s next governor faces fiscal morass

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The Democrat who could oust Pennsylvania’s Republican governor in November wants to reshape the state’s personal income tax system to make it more progressive. Source: New taxes or not, Pennsylvania’s next governor faces fiscal morass

ALBA-TCP charts Ebola action plan

By Cheryl LaBash At the initiative of Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, on Oct. 20 heads of state from the Bolivarian Alliance for the People of Our Americas—Peoples’ Trade Agreement (ALBA-TCP), along with health agencies and professionals, representatives of the United Nations, the Pan-American Health Organization and the Organization of East Caribbean States, met in Havana […]