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Countries’ U.N. Climate Pledges Aren’t Enough To Keep Warming To 2 Degrees. That’s Ok.

By Katie Valentine The targets countries have set so far to limit their contribution to climate change over the next several years won’t do enough to keep global warming below the 2°C threshold, according to a new report. The report, published Wednesday by the Climate Action Tracker, analyzed the 29 “Intended Nationally Determined Contributions” (INDCs) […]

I Like this Aphorism

By Arnold Kling relayed by Scott Alexander: There’s an old philosophers’ saying – trust those who seek the truth, distrust those who say they’ve found it. Can anyone source this? I see Andre Gide quoted as saying “trust those who seek the truth; doubt those who find it,” but I cannot find an essay or […]

Trump, after Republican pledge, breaks from pack on Iran, gay marriage

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Leading Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on Friday broke away from stances held by many of his rivals on issues ranging from the Iran nuclear deal to the gay marriage fight in Kentucky. Source: Trump, after Republican pledge, breaks from pack on Iran, gay marriage

Donald Trump’s New Loyalty Pledge Doesn’t Mean Anything

By Emily Atkin “I will be totally pledging my allegiance to the Republican Party,” Donald Trump said on Thursday, holding up a piece of paper with his signature and the wrong date for all of America to see. The moment was one that Republican party establishment figures had been waiting for. With that pledge, Trump […]

Unemployment Drops To Lowest Rate Since March Of 2008

By Bryce Covert The economy added 173,000 jobs in August while the unemployment rate fell to 5.1 percent, according to the latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Analysts had expected 220,000 jobs to be added. That’s the lowest unemployment rate since March of 2008. August jobs reports are frequently unreliable, however, and tend […]

Richard V. Reeves on Inequality

By Arnold Kling He writes, Most journalists, scholars and policy wonks are members of the upper middle class. This undoubtedly influences their (OK, our) treatment of inequality. Those of us in the upper middle class typically find it more comfortable to examine the problems of inequality way up into the stratosphere of the super-rich, or […]

Jewish Mayoral Candidate Slams Opponent for Shunning Evangelicals

A conservative Jewish mayoral candidate from Nashville defended a campaign ad that accused his Catholic-raised liberal rival of fighting with Christian organizations and opposing public prayer. Source: Jewish Mayoral Candidate Slams Opponent for Shunning Evangelicals

Palestinian Who Rescued American Tourists Insists He’s No Hero

A Palestinian man who sheltered five American Jews from fire bomb attacks in Hebron said he only did “what needed to be done.” Source: Palestinian Who Rescued American Tourists Insists He’s No Hero

A Major International Climate Meeting Is Wrapping Up Today. What Does It Mean For The Paris Talks?

By Natasha Geiling As far as international climate agreements go, this year has the potential to be a historic one. In December, more than 190 countries — along with representatives from cities, companies, NGOs, and other actors — will descend on Paris in the hopes of emerging with a new international agreement to tackle climate […]

Palestinians Headed for UN Flag Victory

The Palestinian Authority’s draft resolution for raising its flag at the U.N. headquarters will easily pass a vote by the world body’s general assembly, diplomats said. Source: Palestinians Headed for UN Flag Victory

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