Three Things to Do, Three Friends to Mobilize

January 11th has been designated by Congress as National Human Trafficking Awareness Day. For supporters of Free the Slaves, today is an opportunity to help the anti-slavery movement grow. Please go to the social media links for this blog (on the left on a desktop or at the bottom on your phone) and share this blog with three friends.

By sharing, today, you will be alerting them to the fact that slavery still exists, and that there are three things every person can do to end it:

  1. Spread the Word: Host house party for family, friends or neighbors – or organize a lunch discussion at work or school or at your church, synagogue or temple. Our How to Take Action webpage has links to videos, books and handouts to download and use.
  2. Finance Freedom: Every donation to Free the Slaves – big or small – makes a huge difference in communities targeted by traffickers. Your contributions have empowered our front-line activists to liberate more than 13,000 people.
  3. Be a Conscientious Consumer: From chocolate and clothing to cell phones and computers, many products are tainted by slavery-made components or raw materials. Buy fair trade products whenever you can – and check your 401(k) retirement plan to be sure your contributions go to a socially-responsible fund. See our Slavery Free Commerce webpage for tips.

Thanks for your ongoing efforts to bring freedom to everyone, everywhere. We don’t free slaves, you do!

Want to see what modern slavery looks like? Watch our Slavery is Alive two-part film series:

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