Jane McAlevey on #MeToo & Labor, Art Way on Pot Recriminalization

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Protest against on-the-job harassment (cc photo: Steve Rhodes)

(cc photo: Steve Rhodes)

This week on CounterSpin: Just as the #MeToo initiative to fight workplace sexual harassment underscores the power of standing together, a little-noticed Supreme Court ruling may fundamentally undercut the ability of women (or anyone) to band together in the workplace to fight harassment, pay inequity and discrimination. Jane McAlevey is a labor organizer and author of, most recently, No Shortcuts: Organizing for Power in the New Gilded Age. She joins us to talk about the potential role of organized labor in fighting for an equitable workplace, and world.

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Medical marijuana growing (cc photo: Pipedreemz)

(cc photo: Pipedreemz)

Also on the show: Marijuana is in a strange place these days—legal for recreational use in an increasing number of states, most recently California, and for medical use in many more—yet still illegal under federal law. It may sound like an issue that will shake itself out in time, but Attorney General Jeff Sessions hates marijuana, and looks set to use its legally uncertain status to link it back into the widely discredited “war on drugs” that has particularly devastated communities of color, while doing nothing to improve public health. We’ll talk about Sessions’ latest moves on pot with Art Way, senior director for national criminal justice reform strategy at the Drug Policy Alliance, and state director for DPA’s Colorado office.

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Source: https://fair.org/home/jane-mcalevey-on-metoo-labor-art-way-on-pot-recriminalization/