**seeking a dynamic leader for 6 month role driving networked campaigning for progressive foreign policy**

The Organization

For the past 15 years, Win Without War has supported the foreign policy and anti-militarism work of a diverse array of progressive organizations that make up the coalition, including groups such as the NAACP, National Council of Churches,, and CREDO Action.

And since 2015 the Global Progressive Hub has worked to bring together organizations and leaders across the movement to develop and implement new strategies for driving a progressive vision for shaping American foreign policy.

Trump’s belligerent approach to foreign policy means there’s no shortage of hard, important work for us to do. With our Deputy Director headed out on maternity leave, we need someone – in this moment of grave challenge and opportunity – to support our growing team and deepen engagement with our rapidly growing coalition of organizations and grassroots supporters to make transformative impacts through Win Without War and the Global Progressive Hub’s networked campaigns and organizing efforts.

The Position

You’ll work closely with Win Without War’s Director to lead strategy and implementation across two key areas of our program:

Network Connection, Engagement and Campaigning: Grow the scale and strength of WWW, the WWW network and the movement for Progressive Foreign policy

You’ll help us answer the questions: how can we best develop and facilitate joint planning and action that make an impact on critical foreign policy issues and fights.

How do we help a growing cadre of eager-but-busy organizations learn from, share and help each other achieve more, in their individual and collective efforts, to shape a progressive vision for America’s foreign policy by and across diverse sectors.

Two big examples will be preventing war with North Korea and integrating a progressive vision for American foreign policy into the 2018 discourse.

Our coalition members have their hands full on many fronts, so we’ll be looking for ways to help by:

  • Developing, coordinating and executing campaigns and programmatic strategies with policy makers, organizations, and influential individuals.
  • Enhancing the advocacy and campaigning of network organizations through support of the WWW team and partners.  
  • Harmonizing the strategic frameworks and campaigning of organizations so that the timing, messaging, targeting and asks of campaigns and initiatives maximize their collective impact.

Example activities include:

  • Planning actions and convenings that bring together groups across sectors to develop sustained conversations that grow and deepen cohorts for action on specific issues.  
  • Managing network coordination infrastructure  (list-serves, resource library, etc) to share and discuss content and ideas.
  • Overseeing development and curation of rapid response and strategic communications on key foreign policy developments and related advocacy opportunities.
  • Driving grassroots and netroots mobilizations both internally and in coordinating with coalition members and allies.
  • Organizing and supporting public actions including rallies, vigils, and earned media events.
  • Identifying and connecting key validators/senior level staff/officials within our network to lead and engage on issues as appropriate.

Team Management and Support: Create and implement organizational systems that enable all team members to achieve their goals and objectives.

You will help us answer the question: How do we live our cultural principles and support our growing team.

Example activities include:

  • Regular check-ins with staff to ensure progresses towards programmatic and personal goals.
  • Assisting in the development and implementation of work plans.
  • Organizing and managing staff development trainings.


  • The ideal candidate has substantial leadership experience garnered by routinely developing winning teams and strategies for social justice and non profit advocacy. You have a passion for the big issues, and a love of the details that make the magic happen.
  • You get how fast-moving, multi-issue organizations across the movement make decisions. You’re determined to add value and work with them to make engagement possible.
  • You get people. You are comfortable exploring new strategies for driving up collaboration and building long-term relationships.
  • You have worked well with previous colleagues and demonstrated an ability to provide and accept constructive feedback in meaningful, productive ways.
  • You see connections. You’ve worked in the progressive movement and have friends and contacts across the field.
  • You have a passionate commitment to progressive values and to our vision of an American foreign policy rooted in those values.
  • You’re heart-driven, positive, collaborative, fun and kind – and you want to create a team and network that feels that way too.

Location: Washington, D.C.  

Duration: 6 months

Salary: Full-time $80,000/year equivalent salary+benefits

Start Date: Strong preference for a March 1st 2018 start date

How to Apply

Please send a resume and a thoughtful cover note that specifically emphasizes why you think you’d be excellent in this particular role to with “Partnerships Director” in the subject line. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, with a goal of starting full-time by March 1st 2018.

If you have questions about this role or the application process, please direct them to

The Win Without War coalition is composed of organizations representing a diverse and inclusive movement to radically shift American foreign policy in a progressive direction. We also recognize the importance of diversity and inclusion on the staff level as well, particularly from communities disproportionately harmed by the militaristic nationalism driving America’s foreign policy. We welcome applications from all, and especially encourage women, people of color, people with disabilities, immigrants, refugees, Muslims, veterans and LGBTQ people to apply. We can’t wait to hear from you!