Urgent: Tell D.C. Mayor Bowser to Shut Down Trump’s Tank Parade

Urgent: Tell D.C. Mayor Bowser to Shut Down Trump’s Tank Parade

UPDATE: We’re beating Trump’s War Parade. 140,000 activists already signed this petition. The D.C. Mayor’s office is listening and pushing back against Trump putting tanks on the streets. Now, the Pentagon is starting to back down from rolling tanks down the streets of D.C. [2]

But we don’t want Trump’s tank parade in ANY city. This campaign is on fire — let’s keep it going. Add your name now and let’s shut down Trump’s tank parade for good!

On Tuesday night, the Washington Post broke the story that Donald Trump has ordered a giant military parade with tanks, guns, and troops taking over the streets of our nation’s capital. [1] This is the kind of parade that dictators around the world use to intimidate their enemies and, more importantly, their own citizens.

This is what authoritarian dictatorships look like.

But Trump can’t change the fact that we still live in a democracy — which means Washington, D.C.’s local government gets to have a say before Donald Trump’s tanks roll down its streets. If we put immediate pressure on Washington, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser, we can force her to step in and shut down Trump’s blatant warmongering. So it’s up to us to spark a massive response from coast to coast: NO WAY, NOT NOW, NOT EVER.

Please, act now to demand Mayor Bowser stop Trump’s brazen war parade.

[1] Trump’s ‘marching orders’ to the Pentagon: Plan a grand military parade.

[2] Trump military parade might not be in Washington, Pentagon suggests

Source: http://winwithoutwar.org/urgent-tell-d-c-mayor-bowser-shut-trumps-tank-parade/