Encourage the EPA to Replace Animal Tests

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is asking for comments on its draft strategic plan. Please thank the agency for reaffirming its commitment to reducing the numbers of animals killed in chemical testing.

The EPA plans to accomplish this by providing more animal-free tools to determine whether chemicals pose a risk to humans, including cell-based tests that can evaluate thousands of chemicals quickly and inexpensively, unlike cruel and antiquated animal tests. Because the cells used in these tests can come from humans, they also provide more relevant information for assessing the risks of chemicals to human health.

Please submit comments before midnight on October 31. You can do so by following this link. In the comment box, let the agency know that you support its efforts to replace chemical tests that use animals with high-tech, sophisticated animal-free methods and that you want its budget to reflect this priority. (Leave “I am submitting on behalf of a third party” unchecked. Then click “Continue,” preview your comment, and hit “Submit Comment.”)

Thank you!

Source: https://www.peta.org/action/action-alerts/encourage-epa-replace-animal-tests/