14 Easy DIY Cat Toys for Your Favorite Feline

If you have a cat, you’ll love this post. Cat guardians will do anything to get their feline friends happy and purring. Sometimes this means spending dough on toys and treats. But wait! You don’t have to spend a ton of money when the DIY versions are just as fancy. Take a look at some of our favorite DIY cat-toy ideas. We think they’re pretty purr-worthy:

This scratch pad is too cute for words. This is DIY at its best. And you might want a cactus to go with that stump.

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You can replicate this adorable toy by grabbing a box that’s similar to the one in the above photo. Simply cut holes in it and grab a ball or two. Your kitty’s mind will be stimulated, and his or her heart will be full!

We can’t get over how clever this T-shirt tent is. Also, it’s super-easy to create.

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A simple stepladder gets a serious upgrade with this scratch-pad cat tree plus hammock.

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Catnip Body Pillow

We know just what to do with your sock that lost its mate. Fill it with polyester or cotton fiberfill, sprinkle some catnip inside, and sew it closed. Poof—you’ve made a new toy that your cat can play and cuddle with for hours.

You didn’t even know your cat needed this toy—until now.

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Here’s another crafty way to repurpose that old T-shirt that you were planning to toss out.

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You probably already know that cats love wand toys. The thing is, they destroy them, and you end up buying one after another. Stop the spending cycle with this easy DIY cat-wand tutorial.

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From cupcakes to carrots, you can make these fabric catnip toys into any shape you choose. Just be sure to buy wool-free felt made from acrylic or other 100 percent synthetic materials.

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Ping-Pong Ball Water Bowl

All you have to do is place two ping-pong balls in a bowl full of water. Your cat will be intrigued and will bat the balls around—and may even increase his or her water intake.

I bet you never knew that there was more than one use for a toilet brush—until now!

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A catio can be as big or as small as your living space, budget, and imagination allow. It can be a small enclosure that juts out of an apartment or a larger structure built from the ground up.

Personal Space

Simply leaving some empty space on a shelf can be an invitation for your feline friend to hang out.

All you need is an ice cube tray and some kibble to make a new food puzzle for kitty.

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Not crafty? Fair enough! There are tons of fun cat toys in the PETA Catalog. Wherever you buy toys, make sure that they aren’t made with cruelly obtained feathers.

If you’re looking for a new cat or want to give advice to a friend or family member thinking about adopting an animal, you’ll want to read this. Also, check out all the animals PETA has up for adoption.

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Source: https://www.peta.org/living/companion-animals/diy-cat-toys-hacks/