Call now to ask your representative to vote YES on H.Con.Res.81

Call now to ask your representative to vote YES on H.Con.Res.81

On Tuesday, Rep. Ro Khanna just reminded us all how important people power really is in the halls of Congress. When a Win Without War member asked him, live on Facebook, what activists like us can do to support his courageous resolution to end U.S. support for the brutal Saudi-led military campaign in Yemen, his answer was clear: Call Congress, right now.

If you missed our Facebook Live with Rep. Khanna, you can still take action: Click here to call your representative now and ask them to vote YES on H.Con.Res. 81, the resolution to end our nation’s role in causing humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen!

Cutting off U.S. support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen should be a no-brainer. Yemeni civilians are suffering a massive famine as American dollars finance American-made bombs dropping from American-made planes being refueled by the American military. What’s more, H.Con.Res. 81 has support across the ideological spectrum. In other words: Your representative has no good reason not to support this bill.

But make no mistake, we’re going up against some of Washington’s most powerful special interests who want to keep the war machine humming along. Saudi Arabia has some of Washington’s most influential lobbyists on its payroll, and hawks all around DC are telling utterly absurd stories about how more bombing will somehow bring peace to Yemen.It’s all bogus — the truth is, our participation in this war makes us less safe and is causing immense human suffering — but your representative might be falling for it anyway

Louise, we know that starving millions will not keep us safe. But we need to make sure our representatives understand that H.Con.Res.81 is an urgent and common-sense measure to end our nation’s shameful role in causing humanitarian catastrophe. Call now to ask your representative to vote YES on H.Con.Res.81.