Urgent From PETA: Flood Survival Tips for Animals

Urgent From PETA: Flood Survival Tips for Animals

For Immediate Release:
November 13, 2017

Brooke Rossi 202-483-7382

Santa Rosa, Calif. – As flooding is threatening parts of Santa Rosa and city officials have warned that some residents should be ready for potential evacuations, animals could die if left behind during evacuations. This information will undoubtedly save many animals’ lives and avoid much human remorse.

Never leave animals outdoors, tied up, crated, caged, in hutches, or confined in any way, as they will be unable to flee rising waters. Anyone who sees animals in distress and is unable to help should note their locations and alert authorities immediately.

PETA’s disaster-preparedness public service announcement will remind everyone to make plans to ensure the safety of their animal companions.

Anyone who evacuates and intentionally abandons animals to fend for themselves may be prosecuted.

For more information, please visit PETA.org.

Source: https://www.peta.org/media/news-releases/urgent-peta-flood-survival-tips-animals/