Gruesome Photos: Harbor Waters Run Red With Slaughtered Whales’ Blood

Written by Katherine Sullivan | November 13, 2017

Warning: This story contains graphic images that may be upsetting to some people.

Between July and September, volunteer members of a conservation organization reportedly documented the Faroe Islands’ grindadrap, during which “migrating pilot whales and dolphins [are] herded towards the shore and slaughtered.” The photos, released Wednesday, are beyond horrifying.

According to reports, the images were taken by Sea Shepherd Global volunteers during nine separate hunts. Pilot whales can be seen lying in shallow waters, their throats cut so severely that they appear to be almost decapitated.

The blood-soaked waters surrounding the murdered cetaceans are bright red, adding to the gruesomeness of the images.

According to Sea Shepherd Global, 198 Atlantic white-sided dolphins and 436 pilot whales were slaughtered. The conservation group is calling the annual hunt a “senseless slaughter” and hopes the images will help to expose this cruel mass murder of pilot whales and dolphins.

You Can Help to Stop This

These images aren’t just graphic, they’re heartbreaking. Click the button below to contact the Prime Minister of the Faroe Islands, the Faroe Islands Tourist Board, and the Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs. Urge them to immediately enforce a ban on these bloody massacres.