These Vegan Whipped Cream Brands Will Top Any Dairy-Free Dessert Perfectly

Have you been looking for a vegan whipped cream to top your favorite vegan pumpkin pie or sundae recipe? Well, you’re in luck. More and more brands are offering dairy-free options, thanks to consumer demand from compassionate people like you.

Companies such as Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods offer coconut-based whipped cream, and other brands make soy- and even rice-based dessert toppings. Reddi-wip has announced plans to create a completely dairy-free variety as well. All these offerings help reduce the demand for dairy “products,” the production of which causes sensitive cows to be bred over and over again so that humans can take their babies away and consume the milk intended for them.

Ready to see all the great vegan whipped cream options?

Trader Joe’s

Check out Trader Joe’s coconut-based vegan whipped topping, which is perfect on some vegan hot cocoa.


Soyatoo! offers soy-, coconut-, and rice-based whipped cream. You can purchase its Soy Whip on

365 Everyday Value

Whole Foods’ 365 Everyday Value brand also carries whipped cream for coconut lovers.

So Delicious

So Delicious offers CocoWhip!—which will make any former Cool Whip fan very happy.

Nature’s Charm

This can of Coconut Whipping Cream makes a creamy and delicious topping when you blend it up.

You can also make your own at home. Making your own vegan whipped cream is as easy as one, two, three.

All you need for this recipe is a chilled can of coconut milk and some sugar and vanilla.

Take the liquid from a can of garbanzo beans and blend it with a few other ingredients for a fluffy dessert topping.

If this list has inspired you to go dairy-free, be sure to order PETA’s free vegan starter kit. You’ll find recipes and everything else that you need to begin your kind new lifestyle. Already vegan? Order one for a friend or loved one.