Urge Texas Town to Halt Cruel Deer-Control Plan

For the third year in a row, deer in Horseshoe Bay, Texas, will reportedly be baited, trapped, and trucked to slaughter because of a desire to reduce their local populations. As evidenced by this repeat initiative, lethal measures against wildlife actually backfire, because when animals are killed, the resultant spike in the food supply prompts survivors and the inevitable newcomers to breed at accelerated rates. This video footage reveals that deer in another Texas community that’s reportedly using the same company employed by Horseshoe Bay are lured into traps, netted, and pinned to the ground. Their antlers are sawed off, and then the animals are hauled upside down into a trailer. PETA previously apprised city officials of the futility and cruelty of this approach, but local voices are needed.

Please urge Mayor Steve Jordan to ditch lethal methods and implement humane and effective deer-control measures instead—then forward this alert to everyone you know.

The Honorable Steve Jordan
Mayor of Horseshoe Bay
[email protected]

Source: https://www.peta.org/action/action-alerts/urge-texas-town-halt-cruel-deer-control-plan/