Your holiday weekend long reads are here

Your holiday weekend long reads are here

Here at Win Without War, we are deeply thankful to be in this movement with all of you.

It’s been a long first year under the Trump administration. But together, we have fought this new barrage of militarism every step of the way. In this spirit of gratitude, we bring you our latest collection of articles you may have missed and long reads to dive deep on the issues we know you care about.

Have a peaceful Thanksgiving holiday and happy reading!

The Uncounted (New York Times)
The air war against ISIS is 31 times more deadly to civilians than the U.S. military officials acknowledge.

America’s Forever Wars (New York Times)
It’s time to reckon with our endless wars.

They Want to Know if Trump is Crazy” (Politico)
Inside the secret backchannel North Korea talks, where Trump’s volatility is undermining diplomatic efforts.

Why Mike Pompeo Released More bin Laden Files (The Atlantic)
The Neocons and their allies are pushing old clams of Iran-Al Qaeda ties to drum up support for confronting Tehran.

Saudi Arabia Wants to Fight Iran to the Last American Standing (National Interest)
Is there a Saudi plan to trap the U.S. into a permanent standoff with Iran?

The Sway of the Nuclear Arms Industry Over Donald Trump and Congress Is Terrifying (Mother Jones)
There’s a reason Congress hasn’t yet reined Trump in on nuclear weapons.

Former Appalachian coal miners are finding new work in unexpected places (Think Progress)
Appalachian beekeeping collective creates jobs for former coal miners and helps the planet.

What War Can’t Destroy (New York Times)
Years of conflict have torn at the seams of Juba, South Sudan. But the city’s people hold their heads high.

What Water Can Do for Economic Growth In Cabo Verde (
Investments in Cabo Verde’s water and sanitation sectors are helping women and children

An Afghan War Casualty Looks Back and Wonders Why (Foreign Policy)
Sixteen straight years of war.

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