#TBT Video: Joe Rogan Talks PETA Wool Investigations

Written by PETA | November 30, 2017

Joe Rogan—the former host of Fear Factor—has never been one to mince words. Now the host of the wildly popular podcast The Joe Rogan Experience, he takes on topics as varied as comedy, music, film, pop culture, and politics—and is always totally honest about what’s on his mind.

During an interview with Cowspiracy filmmakers Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn, Rogan was true to form. He watched the documentary and couldn’t believe what the film revealed about the hypocrisies of many environmental groups, the animal-agriculture industry, and “ag-gag” laws.

He also pulled no punches about the literal punches and kicks that sheep endure in shearing sheds, referencing a PETA video that he’d watched. As we head into winter, here’s a reminder of what sheep go through, brought to you by Rogan:

[embedded content]

He wondered aloud if the abuse captured on film was “just one time that they filmed this and it’s just one a**hole.”

But no, Joe, it’s not just one isolated incident.

Eyewitness investigations by PETA and PETA Asia have uncovered rampant abuse in shearing operations and on ranches around the world—including those approved by Patagonia.

PETA has uncovered abuses in the wool industry in the United States …

[embedded content]

and in Australia …

[embedded content]

and in Chile …

[embedded content]

and in Argentina.

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Rogan and conscientious consumers everywhere are learning that every product made of wool, leather, or exotic skin comes from animals who endured an agonizing life and a painful death. To eliminate the cruelty inherent in the supply chain, retailers must stop using wool and, instead, turn their focus toward innovation and the development of superior materials that are not derived from animals.

You can start revolutionizing your wardrobe by pledging to give gentle sheep a break:

Source: https://www.peta.org/blog/joe-rogan-experience-talks-wool/