Give the Gift of Food Safety with Stocking Stuffers That Help Prevent Foodborne Illness

As one of our cherished supporters, we at Stop Foodborne Illness know how much you care about keeping food safe to eat. And, as the holidays draw near, chances are good you’re still trying to decide on some great holiday gifts for the special people on your gift-giving list.

Well, we’ve got some fantastic ideas for you!

We’re talking about food safety stocking stuffers we think you and your recipients will really enjoy—especially because they’ll know how much love and care you put into picking them out. Hint: You can also give these as “regular” presents, too.

Now, the gifts we’ve listed below are particularly apropos for parents or grandparents to tuck into the stockings of their adult children or grandchildren. But, they’re also perfect for other family members, friends, or co-workers. Got a gift exchange at work or a “Secret Santa” thing you’re doing with your cousins? Consider a food safety item from our list!

Without further ado, here’s our list of food safety stocking stuffer suggestions:

Meat ThermometerReduced size 2017 Magnet

A meat thermometer is a MUST for everyone who cooks. So, it makes for a really useful gift for just about anyone on your list—and it may just save a life.

Check out this article for details on the importance of using a meat thermometer, types you can buy, and where to find one.

And, why not pair a new meat thermometer with our safe temperatures refrigerator magnet? It’s free! Just reach out to Stanley Rutledge, Community Coordinator, at to ask for one.

Refrigerator + Freezer Thermometers

Keeping food safe at the right temperature in the refrigerator and freezer is super important. Gifting a digital thermometer for these appliances is especially practical for versions with dial thermostats, which aren’t as accurate. But, even for those with built-in digital thermostats, a separate digital thermometer helps make sure the temperature is indeed at a safe one, and they’re great back-ups in case of power failure.

Click here for a refrigerator-freezer thermometer buying guide published by Consumer Reports.

Nice Bar of Soap

Hand washing is at the tippy top of the list of ways to prevent foodborne illness. But not everyone does it as often as they should. One lovely way to overcome this challenge—and get people more excited about washing their hands—is by using a “luxury” bar of soap with a nice fragrance that leaves skin feeling clean and soothed.

At Stop Foodborne Illness, our staff really enjoys this little luxury around their homes, and they say it definitely helps encourage more hand washing. When it comes to their favorite scents, Stanley, our Community Coordinator, likes Cardamom or Pine Tar; Maria, our Operations Director, likes Lavender or Lily of the Valley; Kelly, our Executive Assistant, likes Lemon or Pumpkin Spice, and Deirdre, our CEO, likes Moroccan Amber or Aloe.

Hand Sanitizer

When it comes to keeping your hands germ-free, washing your hands is ALWAYS best. But, we know it’s not always practical. Enter hand sanitizer. You can bundle up a few bottles of travel size hand sanitizer (or packages of hand wipes) that can be used easily while on-the-go when soap and water aren’t an option. Be sure to buy the kind with alcohol content of 60% or higher.


Coolers are critical for keeping food safe when it’s being transported or eaten away from the kitchen. They come in all sizes for lots of different uses. One kind we really like for a gift is an insulated cooler bag, which is perfect for tucking food inside when you’re eating on-the-go.

Kitchen Timer

This is a handy, practical gift to help remind cooks to put food away. It’s all too common for perishable food to get left out too long. Give a kitchen timer to someone on your list with a reminder to put perishable foods in the fridge or freezer at the two hour mark or one hour if the food is sitting out at a temp above 90° F.

Cutting Board

Give the gift of a brand spankin’ new cutting board to replace an old, worn one that’s probably been around for too long in the kitchen. Grooves in older cutting boards can hold harmful bacteria that even careful washing doesn’t eliminate.

Often, manufacturers will bundle them three in a package, each of a different color. This is especially helpful when you want to dedicate one board for raw meat, and another for produce, and a third for cooked meat.

From all of your friends at Stop Foodborne Illness, we wish you and your loved ones a food safe and happy holiday!