Suyapa Portillo on Honduras Electoral Chaos, Rebecca Cokley on GOP ‘Tax on Disability’

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Protest against Honduran electoral fraud in NYC (cc image: Joe Catron)

(cc image: Joe Catron)

This week on CounterSpin: US media reporting on the electoral chaos in Honduras—where a president has not been declared nearly two weeks after voting—can choose to tell an “exotic” story about failings of democracy in Central American countries. Or they could more usefully connect the dots between a bipartisan US foreign policy that supports leaders deemed friendly to US “interests,” and the hardship and violence and voicelessness that pushes many to flee the countries run by those “friends.” We’ll talk about Honduras with Suyapa Portillo, assistant professor of Chicana/o-Latina/o Transnational Studies at Pitzer College, recently returned from the country, where she was an election observer.

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Veteran with wheelchair (cc photo: Jennifer D)

(cc photo: Jennifer D)

Also on the show: While still giving far too much attention to whether it means a “victory” for Donald Trump, corporate media have pointed out some ways the GOP tax bill would benefit the wealthy and corporations at the decided expense of the non-wealthy and non-corporate. But some of the most impacted get the least attention. We’ll speak with Rebecca Cokley, senior fellow on disability policy at the Center for American Progress, about why she describes the Republican plan as a “tax on disability.”

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Plus a quick look back at recent coverage of the tax bill.


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