The New Tax Law and Human Trafficking

Talk shows and websites are buzzing with ideas to help you prepare for tax changes passed by the Congress and signed by the president for 2018. One suggestion is universal, summed-up in The Wall Street Journal: “The most important tax-planning tip between now and the end of the year is to check your charitable contributions.”

I hope you will take that advice to heart. Contributions to Free the Slaves move people from slavery to freedom around the globe, and right now they are tax deductible. Next year that might change for you depending on how the new tax law affects your family.

We are getting close to our end-of-year financial goal, but we’re not there yet. If you have contributed, please accept our thanks. If not, there’s still time to write a check – just be sure it’s dated Dec. 31 or earlier – or to donate online before the year ends. We don’t free slaves, you do!

Thanks for your continued support, and Happy New Year from the staff of Free the Slaves.